New York State Workforce Development System New York State
Technical Advisory
January 3, 2007
Workforce Development System Technical Advisory #07-1
TO: Chairpersons of Local Workforce Investment Boards
DoES Regional Administrators
WIA Contacts
WIA One-Stop Operators
DoES OSOS Security Coordinators
WIA Loca Area OSOS Security Coordinators
SUBJECT:Re-Employment Operating System (REOS) Confidentiality Agreements
Purpose:To provide the required confidentiality agreements to local Workforce Investment Boards for local agencies and their potential REOS users, and to establish procedures for the use of these agreements.
References:NYS Workforce Development System Technical Advisory (WDS-TA) #06-03.2, “State Policy Guidelines and Required Action for Local Workforce Investment Boards (LWIBs) Regarding Functional Alignment for the Delivery of WIA Title 1B and Wagner-Peyser Workforce Services,” April, 19, 2006.

NYS WDS-TA #06-15, State Policy Guidelines on Serving Unemployment Insurance Customers,” September 7, 2006.

Wagner-Peyser Act, Section 7 (a) (C) and (F); 20 CFR Part 652, sections 206, 209 and 210; 20 CFR Part 663, sections 145 and 150; and 20 CFR Part 603.

New York State Labor Law, Article 18, Sections 537, 552-a, and 581-b.

Background:Pursuant to Section 121 of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA), the local Workforce Investment Board (LWIB) has established One-Stop Centers and affiliate One-Stop Centers (Centers) comprised of One-Stop Partners (Partners) providing services at the Centers. WDS TA #06-03.2 required Partners to develop plans to integrate WIA 1B services and Wagner-Peyser Employment Services. In addition, WDS TA #06-15 required that Unemployment Insurance (UI) customers be provided needed services through a functionally aligned system. In furtherance of these functions, Partners require access to REOS to more effectively and efficiently serve UI customers.

REOS is a scheduling and appointment tracking system that allows Partner staff to access information about UI customers in the provision of effective and efficient reemployment services. REOS will allow Partner staff to schedule UI customers for required appointments, generate appointment letters, track attendance at appointments, schedule follow-up services and advise the NYSDOL UI Division of related program issues. Activities recorded in REOS are automatically updated in OSOS on a daily basis.

Individual users will not be given access to REOS information unless they have agreed, in writing, to maintain the confidentiality of REOS information. Only staff involved with providing reemployment services to UI customers should have access to REOS.

Action:The attached Interagency Agreement is being transmitted to each LWIB and to local DoES OSOS Security Coordinators. The DoES OSOS Security Coordinator must ensure that this agreement is transmitted to all local Partners whose staff will use REOS. Each partner agency using REOS must sign the Interagency Agreement before its staff may be given access to REOS. Each agency must sign five copies of the agreement. The local NYSDOL Regional Director will sign for the Department of Labor. The partner agency, the Regional Director, and the Security Coordinator will each retain one signed copy; the DoES OSOS Security Coordinator will transmit the fourth and fifth signed copies to:

New York State Department of LaborNew York State Department of Labor
Counsel’s OfficeWorkforce Development and Training
Building 12, Room 509Building 12, Room 440
Albany, New York 12240Albany, New York 12240

The attached REOS Individual Access and Confidentiality Agreement is also being transmitted to LWIBs and to each DoES OSOS Security Coordinator. The DoES OSOS Security Coordinator must ensure that all local users of REOS have signed this agreement before they are given access to the system. Security Coordinators will keep these signed confidentiality agreements on file locally, maintaining them and making them available to NYSDOL monitors upon request.

Where access to REOS is being added to existing OSOS users’ accounts, the DoES Security Coordinator only needs to submit an e-mail to with a list of the approved users’ names. If an individual is establishing an initial OSOS user account and will also require REOS access, then the user registration form on the website,, should be used. The form has been modified to allow the DoES Security Coordinator to indicate that the user has signed the REOS individual confidentiality agreement. The REOS box must also be checked under the Labor Exchange Permissions.

Access to the system will be assigned when the DoES Security Coordinator has determined that both the signed, appropriate Interagency Agreement and the signed REOS Individual Access and Confidentiality Agreement are on file.

Please address any questions about this Technical Advisory to:

Mr. Martin Selleck
(518) 485-2588
Attachments:Interagency Agreement for Exchange of Confidential Information through the Re-employment Operating System (REOS)

REOS Individual Access and Confidentiality Agreement

List of DoES and Local WIA OSOS Security Officers