New York State Workforce Development System New York State
Technical Advisory
March 3, 2002
Workforce Development System Technical Advisory #02-4
TO: Chairpersons of Local Workforce Investment Boards
Chief Elected Officials
WIA Grant Recipients
WIA Fiscal Agents
WIA Local Area Contacts
NYSDOL Regional Administrators
Regional Security Coordinators
SUBJECT:New OSOS Security Permissions and Security Request Procedures
Purpose:To clarify new OSOS Security Request procedures and forms, and to provide definitions for Security Permissions in OSOS version 2.01

Attachment B modified 9/25/03.

Background:This Technical Advisory supersedes Workforce Development System Technical Advisory 01-24, dated September 25, 2001. All phases (except the changes to Comprehensive Assessment General and Confidential) of this TA went into effect on February 4, 2002. The changes to Comprehensive Assessment took place on February 15, 2002.

America’s One Stop Operating System (OSOS) continues to be developed and revised. Each build modifies the functionality of the system. As a result of comments from USERs throughout New York and other states, recommendations are made to make the system more responsive to a variety of program and system needs. As a result it is also necessary to update the security of the system.

The Security Groups have been reviewed, redefined and renamed Security ‘Permissions’. Each Security Permission comes with its own set of responsibilities and accountability. Permissions are approved by the field Security Coordinators; then are submitted to, reviewed and applied by the appropriate DOL Security Unit. Local Security Coordinators will approve Security Permission requests based on the job responsibilities of the USER. Each USER is responsible and accountable for using Permissions within the scope of the intent. Every USER does not need all levels of access. Certain Permissions conflict with the access of other Permissions and should not be combined; others include the access of dual Permissions so both are not needed. This is further explained within the attached definitions.

On February 1, 2002, the Security Permissions described in TA 01-24 were updated to those defined in the attached ‘Definitions of Security Permissions’ (except for the changes to Comprehensive Assessment). A new request form, used by both DOL staff and Partner Security Coordinators, was also implemented. The web site request form for Partner Security Coordinators and the form for DoES staff are exactly the same even though they are electronically accessed from different locations.

Several new Security Permissions added in TA 01-24 have been activated including Customer Match/Refer, Job Order Create, and Terminate WIA/Follow-up. Additional Security Permissions have been added: Job Bank Monitoring/Oversight, WIA Monitoring/ Oversight. Other Permissions were renamed or eliminated, and some, which did not apply to field staff, were removed to avoid confusion. These changes are reflected in the new request form and the new Matrix.

Current USERs’ Security Groups were reviewed and modified to the best of our ability with current information to the new Security Permissions. To the extent they were known by the Workforce Development Security Unit and the DoES Security Unit, these changes were made to reflect, as much as possible, the job duties of the USERs.

The approval process for Partner requests to access Job Bank permissions and for DoES requests to access the three WIA specific permissions (Terminate WIA/Follow Up, Services, WIA Monitoring/ Oversight) is also clarified.

Action:Both LWIA Partner and DoES Regional Security Coordinators should require all OSOS USERs to become familiar with this TA. USERs need to understand not only what can be accomplished with each Security Permission, but also how the Permission was intended to be used. USERs are responsible and accountable for how they use their personal Permissions. Each partner agency should review these definitions carefully when requesting access and consider the appropriate Permission level for each USER based on the individual’s normal job duties. Security Coordinators should approve requests based on these considerations.

If any current USERs found they were not able to carry out all of their job duties on February 1, 2002, because of the changes in the system, they should review the problem with their specific local Security Coordinator to help determine the Permissions they should have.

Local Security Coordinators will use the new processes outlined in this TA to request new USER Permissions and to modify existing USERs’ permissions.

Attachments:A. Definitions of Security Permissions
B. Revised Matrix OSOS Security Processes, TABs, Security Permissions and Security Levels
C. Revised Request for Access to America's OSOS Form Instructions
     Revised Request for Access to America's OSOS Form
D. Request Form Flow Chart - WIA Specific Security Permissions
E. Request Form Flow Chart - Job Bank Security Permissions