New York State Workforce Development System New York State
Technical Advisory
June 14, 2001
Workforce Development System Technical Advisory 01-14
TO: Chairpersons of Local Workforce Investment Boards
Chief Elected Officials
WIA Grant Recipients
WIA Fiscal Agents
WIA Local Area Contact Persons
Subject:Core Services for Adults (Job Seekers) as recommended by the WIA State Agency Partners Table
Purpose:To provide local Workforce Investment Areas with the recommendations developed and endorsed by the State Agency Partners Table concerning effective services for adult job seekers
Background:Representatives to the State Agency Partners Table have considered at length the nature of core services which must be offered under the Workforce Investment Act to the adult job seekers of each local area. The Partners Table representatives have summarized their conclusions into three guiding principals. In addition, they have developed a chart which defines the core services and offers practical examples of how the services might be accomplished.

Attached is the document produced by the State Agency Partners Table: Recommended Core Services for Adults (Job Seekers).

Action:Local Workforce Investment Boards should become familiar with the attached recommendations. Since these are fully endorsed at the state agency level, Local Boards should look at MOUs in the context of these recommended core services for adults and incorporate applicable recommendations as soon as feasible. LWIBs also should ensure that the inclusion of core services to adult job seekers is required for the local One Stop Operator certification. State-level certification will require inclusion of these core services.
Attachment:Recommended Core Services for Adults (Job Seekers)