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Minimum Work Standards: Frequently Asked Questions

Mold Remediation Work Standards

  • Can a licensed mold remediator perform work on a project for a client without an assessment from a licensed mold assessor?

    No. Labor Law Article 32 Section 946 (1) provides that a licensed mold remediator cannot perform work on a project without an assessment performed by a licensed assessor. Before beginning site preparation work, the law requires that a licensed remediator:

    • obtain a copy of the licensed mold assessor's mold remediation plan from the client;
    • prepare a mold remediation work plan ("work plan") that fulfills all of the requirements of the licensed assessor's mold remediation plan; and
    • provide a copy of the newly prepared "work plan" to the client.

  • Can a licensed mold remediator also perform the assessment on the same project?

    No. Labor Law Section 936 (2), states that no licensee shall perform both mold assessment and mold remediation on the same project. If the licensed mold remediator on a project engages in assessment conduct that would otherwise be performed by a licensed mold assessor on that project, the licensed mold remediator has violated Section 936 of the Labor Law. This includes the practice of providing the client with a "fill-in-the-blank" assessment form.

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