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Articles 18, 25-B, 25-C Unemployment Insurance Law

Article 18

Title 1. Short Title
Section 500
Short title
Section 501
Public policy of state
Section 502
Wage reporting - findings and policy
Title 2. Definitions
Section 510
Application of definitions
Section 511
Section 512
Section 513
Section 514
Section 515
Section 516
Section 517
Section 518
Section 519
Section 520
Base period
Section 521
Benefit year
Section 522
Total unemployment
Section 523
Effective day
Section 527
Valid original claim
Section 528
Transitional provisions
Section 529
Average annual wage; average weekly wage
Title 3. Administration
Section 530
Industrial Commissioner's powers
Section 531
Regularization of employment
Section 532
Employment districts and offices
Section 534
Appeal Board
Section 535
Section 536
Collaboration with other states, the United States and foreign governments
Section 537
Disclosures prohibited
Section 538
Attorney and witness fees and other expenses
Section 539
Acquisition of land and buildings
Section 540
Informational leaflet about the food stamp program
Title 4. Unemployment Funds
Section 550
Unemployment insurance fund
Section 551
Unemployment administration fund
Section 552
Special fund
Section 552-a
Re-employment service fund
Section 552-b
Unemployment insurance control fund
Section 553
Disposition of moneys collected
Title 5. Coverage
Section 560
Terms of coverage
Section 561
Voluntary election
Section 562
Termination of coverage
Section 563
Non-profit organizations
Section 564
Agricultural labor
Section 565
Governmental entities
Section 566
Indian tribes
Title 6. Contributions
Section 570
Payment of contributions
Section 571
Assessment of amount of contributions
Section 572
Notice of liability
Section 573
Collection of contributions in case of default
Section 574
Priority of contributions in insolvency or bankruptcy
Section 575
Maintenance, audit, and report of remuneration and employment records
Section 576
Time limitations
Section 577
General account; subsidiary contribution
Section 578
Non-liability for penalty and interest
Section 581
Experience rating
Section 581-a
Rates of contributions to fund in emergency
Section 581-b
Contributions to the re-employment service fund
Section 581-c
Amnesty program
Section 581-d
Contributions to the interest assessment surcharge fund
Title 7. Benefits and Claims
Section 590
Rights to benefits
Section 591
Eligibility for benefits
Section 591-a
Self-employment assistance program
Section 592
Suspension of accumulation of benefit rights
Section 593
Disqualification for benefits
Section 594
Reduction and recovery of benefits and penalties for willful false statement
Section 595
Benefit right inalienable
Section 596
Claim filing, registration and reporting
Section 597
Initial determination
Section 598
Effect of payments for failure to provide notice of a facility closure
Section 599
Vocational training; preservation of eligibility
Section 600
Effect of retirement payments
Section 601
Extended benefits
Title 7A. A Shared Work Program
Section 602
Section 603
Section 604
Eligibility conditions
Section 605
Qualified employers; application
Section 606
Revocation of approval
Section 607
Section 608
Maximum payments
Section 609
Section 610
Section 611
Charging of benefits
Section 612
Title 8. Hearings and Appeals
Section 620
Referees' hearings
Section 621
Appeals to Appeal Board
Section 622
Rules governing hearings and appeals
Section 623
Decisions final
Section 624
Appeals to court
Section 625
Undertaking on appeal
Section 626
Exclusive procedure
Title 9. Penalties and Misdemeanors
Section 630
Section 631
Corporation officer's liability
Section 632
False statements or representations
Section 633
Willful failure to pay contributions
Section 634
Refusal to permit inspections of records
Section 635
Deductions from wages
Section 636
No fees to be charged for services rendered by free public employment bureaus
Title 10. General and Miscellaneous Provisions
Section 640
Prosecution and litigation
Section 642
Separability of provisions
Section 643
Saving clause

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