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Technical Support Solutions

Creating an Online Service Account

Try these steps first if you have a problem.

  • Do not use a bookmark or favorite.
  • Type Web site address, ( directly into the address bar at the top of the browser (type web address after http:// in the address bar)
  • You may also need to lower your security settings in your browser or disable a firewall that may be blocking your access.
  • Clear cache/cookies in browser. Clear all browsing history (see instructions below for most commonly used browsers).
Browser Instructions: How to Clear a delete temporary internet files, cookies and history*
Internet ExplorerFirefoxSafariAOL
Tools > Internet Options Tools > Internet Options Tools > Clear Recent History View > History
General tab General tab Clear Browsing History Click "Clear My Footprints"
Browsing History Click "Browsing History" Clear Cookies Click "Clear Footprints"
Click "Delete Temporary Internet Files" Delete Temporary Internet Files Clear Cache (in older versions of Firefox this may show under Options > Privacy > History)
Delete Cookies Delete Cookies
Delete History Delete History
*Note: After you clear the history, you must close the browser and then reopen it. Also type our web address in the address bar. Do not use a favorite link or bookmark.

Shared Secrets Problems

  • If you don’t have a shared secret because you’ve never filed a New York State tax return and haven’t received a bill (assessment) from us, you can create an account following these steps:
    • business Online Services account, choose "None of the taxes listed above" option under Tax Types
    • individual Online Services account, answer "No" to the question "Have you filed any New York State income tax returns for the tax years 2008, 2009, or 2010?"
  • Business Online Services account -- Problems that are unique to these accounts
    • return type doesn’t appear in the drop-down box:
      • uncheck all tax types and proceed
      • check "none of the taxes listed above"
  • Your employer identification number (EIN) ends with a C:
    • you'll need to create two Online Services accounts
      • for Sales Tax Web File, create an account using the EIN with the "C" at the end
      • for other taxes (like corporation, withholding, and the Metropolitan Transportation Mobility Tax), create an account using the EIN without the "C"

User Name and Password Problems

User Name

You must select a name that:

  • contains exactly 8 characters
  • is case sensitive
  • contains characters from these character classes:
    • alphabetic (e.g., a-z, A-Z)
    • numeric (i.e. 0-9)
  • can’t contain spaces or characters from the following character classes:
    • punctuation and other characters (e.g., !@#$%^&*()_+|~-=\`{}[]:";'<>?,./)
  • can't match a user name that has been used in the past or is in use others (you may need to try several different user names)

Forgot your user name or password

If you’re on the Login page, use the "I forgot my password" or "I forgot my user name" links found on that Login page.

Printing problems

  • The page prints all black: Uncheck "print color as black" setting in your printer options window.

Deleted accounts

  • If you deleted your Online Services account, you must create a new account through our Create Account process.
Fixing common error messages
Generic error This generally happens if you saved the Online Services login page as a favorite, bookmarked it, or saved it to your desktop. Remove the login page from your favorites. Then, close your internet browser session and open a new one before logging in again. Don't save Online Services as a bookmark. Use our web site ( instead.
The organization specified already exists This generally happens when you are creating an account and try to enter a user name that is already in use by another account. Try a different user name.
The following command has occurred during processing (java.lang.nullpoint exception) Close all internet browsers and start over from the beginning. If this doesn't clear the error, delete your browsing history and start over.
You do not have the authority to make transactions for the reseller Organization Entity This error occurs when you're creating an Online Services account. Try using a completely different user name. If this does not clear the error, delete your browsing history, close all internet browsers, open a new browser, and then use a completely different user name.
Error code 12029 This is generally related to an Internet Explorer error. Go to Internet Explorer Tools > Internet Options > Connections tab> Lan settings > and uncheck the "use a proxy server for your lan" setting.
This is generally related to an Internet Explorer error. Go to Internet Explorer Tools > Internet Options > Connections tab> Lan settings > and uncheck the "use a proxy server for your lan" setting. This generally occurs during account creation. Try choosing a different user name and password when creating an account. If this doesn't clear the error, delete your browsing history and start over from the beginning. You should also check that you haven't entered a P.O. Box in the address field. You can't register using a P.O. box.
Firefox- Security Pop-Up when trying to login or access a tax specific application In the Firefox error box pop-up, select the link to add an exception. This step will add our site ( as an exception, allowing your browser to navigate to and use our Web site.
Our system indicates that you are unable to use this online service This may occur if you attempt to access a Web File online service that is inactive.
Red dot or "Five unsuccessful attempts" at entering tax specific amounts Delete cookies, temporary internet files and history as shown above for your internet browser.

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