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  • 25 Commonly Asked Questions

    To be successful at interviews you will need to fine tune your interviewing skills. Be prepared to answer each of the following questions. Before you go to an interview, practice with someone you know well. Ask them for honest feedback.

    Early Background

    1. What do you consider to be your most important accomplishments while growing up and why?

    2. What important values did you acquire during your early years?



    3. How did your education prepare you for your current career?

    4. What kind of student were you?

    5. What were your favorite courses? Why?

    6. How did you make use of your spare time?


    Work Experience

    7. How did you select your career? Who influenced you most in your decision?

    8. Of past positions you have held, which did you like most (or least)? Why?

    9. What were the events that led to your departure from your last position?

    10. If we were to contact your most recent boss as a reference, what would he/she say about you?

    11. Do you work well under pressure?

    12. How did you get along with your co-workers?


    Personal Effectiveness

    13. How would you describe yourself?

    14. What adjectives would others use to describe you?

    15. What are your three greatest strengths?

    16. What is your greatest weakness?

    17. In your career to date, what would you consider to be your one greatest achievement?

    18. Have you even been fired or asked to resign?

    19. Can I see examples of your work?



    General Question

    20. Why are you interested in working for this company?

    21. Why are you looking to change careers?

    22. How do you account for the gaps in your employment history?

    23. What do you think about traveling?

    24. What salary/benefits are you looking for?

    25. Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years?

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