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Division of Labor Standards - Child Performer Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor | Peter M. Rivera, Commissioner

Welcome to the Child Performer 15-Day Online Application

New York State law requires each child performer (including child models) to have a valid Child Performer Permit from the New York State Department of Labor. You can print out a 15-day permit right after you apply on-line.

Use the on-line application:

  • To apply for your very first Child Performer Permit from the New York State Department of Labor. The permit is valid for 15-days and is only issued once for each child.

Do not use the on-line application:

  • If you want to renew your 12-month child performer permit.
  • If you have ever obtained a 15-day permit before. The Department has the authority to take certain action against individuals who give us false information in order to get more than one 15-day permit.

Do the following before you begin:

  • Make sure your computer or mobile device is connected to a working printer.

You will not be able to:

  • Use a wireless or mobile device to print a permit unless it is connected to a printer.
  • Save your application.
  • Print the permit later.
  • E-mail the permit and print it somewhere else.
  • Reprint the permit.
  • Get a 15-day permit any other way

You will be able to:

  • Use the permit immediately after it prints (it will be valid for 15 days).
  • Sign the pre-filled application that will print with your 15-day permit, attach the required documents, and mail it in to get a 12-month child performer permit.

We recommend that you:

  • Send in the 12-month application as soon as possible. Without a 12-month permit, the child will not be eligible to work after the 15-day permit expires.
  • Visit our website to find information about how to set up the required trust account. You must give the employer trust account information for paid employment.

For more information or assistance, visit our Child Performer Overview webpage.

Fill out the 15-day permit application.