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Department of Labor On Line Child Performer Application Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor | Peter M. Rivera, Commissioner

Welcome to the Child Performer Online Application

The Child Performer Online Application System may not be fully compatible with some web browsers. We recommend using the newest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome, so that your application will be processed successfully.

New York State law requires each child performer to have a valid Child Performer Permit from the New York State Department of Labor.

Parents/Guardians may apply online for their child performer’s first permit at the bottom of this page, or they may apply for a permit by mail, using the form available here.

This online application is for a one-time-only permit that will be granted to new applicants for a New York State Department of Labor Child Performer permit. The permit that is being offered is only valid for 15 days to allow the applicant time to submit the required documentation through the mail to obtain a 12- month Child Performer Permit. All permit renewals will be processed through the mail only.

In order to complete the processing of this online application, you will need to have a printer available. You cannot complete this application unless you are able to print out the documents at the end of the process. Additionally, you must set your browser to accept cookies before you begin this process. You will be unable to obtain a 15-day permit any other way.

In order to obtain a regular 12-month permit, please mail to the Department a signed copy of the Application for a Child Performer permit that will be printed at the end of this session along with the required documents. A list of the required documents will be included in the Submission Instructions that will print at the end of the session. No future 15-day permits will be issued to your child. Failure to submit these documents in a timely manner could result in your child being unable to work.

Return to the Child Performer Center for more information or assistance.