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Division of Immigrant Policies and Affairs

This division of the State Labor Department addresses the needs, issues, and challenges of immigrants by:

  • Doing outreach in immigrant communities
  • Monitoring compliance with labor laws by farms and farmers in the state

About Immigrants in New York

Immigrants are a vital and growing part of the state’s workforce. New York State ranks second in the nation in both:

  • Total number of foreign-born workers
  • Share of all workers who are foreign-born

Although immigrants account for over $200 billion in annual economic output in New York, they are often wary of government, which keeps them from accessing key protections and services. This is due to several factors:

  • English is not their first language
  • They don’t know how government can help
  • They fear government (based on life in their home country)
  • They cannot get to government agencies during office hours

To learn about what we do, and to leave comments or questions:
Call 1-(877)-466-9757
Email: [email protected]

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