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Apprenticeship Forms & Publications

Document Description/Purpose Pages Download
Empire State Apprenticeship Tax Credit Fact Sheet (ESATC)

Provides information on the Empire State Apprenticeship Tax Credit (ESATC).

2 Download
Apprenticeship Program Fact Sheet (P532) A brief overview of the Registered Apprenticeship Program. 2 Download
Earn While You Learn. Become an Apprentice (P535) Explains the benefits of becoming an apprentice. 2 Download
Registered Apprenticeship in New York State (Apprenticeship Booklet)

This booklet gives a thorough overview of the New York State Apprenticeship Program.

12 Download
Veteran GI Bill for Apprenticeship & On-the-Job Training Programs (P540) Describes how veterans may use their GI Bill benefits to access on-the-job training. 1 Download
Apprenticeship Expansion Grant Bid #AEG-2 Fact Sheet (P 674) Fact sheet explaining the Apprenticeship Expansion Grant. 2 Download
Document Description/Purpose Pages Download
Related Instruction Availability (AT 8)

Form used for related courses material that is required for an apprenticeship.

1 Download
Apprenticeship Training Program Sponsor Information Sheet and Instructions (AT 9)

The Sponsor Information Sheet and Instructions form AT 9 is used to collect data regarding sponsors and signatories for the New York State  Registered Apprenticeship Training Program. The instructions are on pages 3 and 4 of this form.

4 Download
Apprentice Training Program Registration Agreement (AT 10) This form is used to register new programs and to make changes to existing programs. 2 Download
Electronic Blue Book (AT 14.2) This form is used as an alternative to the traditional Blue Book to electronically document task rotation. (Excel spreadsheet) 15 Download
Apprenticeship Agreement (AT 401) This form is used when an apprentice is indentured, has completed, or is being exited from an apprenticeship program. 2 Download
Apprentice Training Recruitment Notification and Minimum Qualifications (AT 505) Use this form to capture minimum requirements and additional information regarding apprentice recruitments. 2 Download
Apprenticeship Applicant Notification (AT 507) Form used to notify an applicant for an Apprenticeship position about their eligibility. 2 Download
Selection Standards and Evaluations (AT 508) Use this form to assign points for ranking apprentice applicants. 2 Download
Apprenticeship Rank List (AT 509) Use this form to keep your apprenticeship rank list up to date. (Excel spreadsheet) 3 Download
Apprentice Complaint Procedure (AT 600.12) This form must be provided to all apprentice applicants and active apprentices to inform them of the filing and processing of complaints. 1 Download
Non-Discrimination Plan (Short Form) (AT 602) This form is used by programs with four or fewer apprentices to affirm their Equal Employment Opportunity efforts. 1 Download
Apprentice Training Program Affirmative Action Plan (AT 603) This Plan is used by programs with five or more apprentices to compare the programs' demographics to the local labor market and for setting goals to increase diversity and affirm Equal Employment Opportunity efforts. 8 Download
Ancillary Group-Sponsor/Signatory Agreement (AT701) This form is used by Group Non-Joint programs as an agreement between the sponsor and its signatories to hold signatories to the requirements and provisions on the Program Registration Agreement (AT 10 form). 2 Download
Group Program Signatory List Template (AT 702) This template may be used by group programs to record signatory information. (Excel spreadsheet) 13 Download

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