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Recruitment Services

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Place a Job Order

Businesses can now post their jobs on NYTalent – DOL’s latest tool to help connect businesses with quality talent. Posting jobs on NYTalent enables businesses to also search resumes of qualified candidates, and contact select individuals to learn more about the position. The system also serves as an applicant tracking system so businesses remain compliant with reporting regulations. All jobs posted on NYTalent flow into the NYS Job Bank so businesses continue to have the same high level of job seeker traffic currently experienced. Learn more about placing a job order.

Meeting Your Job Posting Compliance Needs

When you post a job on NYTalent or the NYS Job Bank we can provide you with documentation to verify the posting for your Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) needs. Whether your jobs automatically download to the NYS Job Bank from your company website through ‘indexing’ or you post them individually to NYTalent or the NYS Job Bank, this service will provide the documentation you need at no cost. For more information or to request documentation please contact the NYS Job Bank at

Search Resumes

Search resumes on NYTalent, the Department of Labor's new job posting, talent bank and applicant tracking system. NYTalent uses Skills Matching and Referral Technology (SMART) to find applicant resumes whose skills, work experience, and talents would be a good fit based on your job posting.

You can also search resumes in our NYS Job Bank by:

  • Job Category
  • Location
  • Keyword
  • Education
  • Wage

Registered businesses gain access to NYTalent and the NYS Job Bank at no cost.

Custom Recruitments and Job Fairs

We offer on-site recruitment services and job fairs to businesses and job seekers. We can also hold these events at our New York State Career Centers.

Federal Bonding Program

The Federal Bonding Program provides fidelity bond insurance coverage for businesses that hire high-risk jobseekers. This includes:

  • Ex-offenders
  • People with poor credit
  • Persons who lack a work history
  • Veterans with a dishonorable discharge
  • People with addictions in recovery
  • Economically disadvantaged youth

Foreign Labor Certification

The foreign labor certification program permits U.S. employers to hire foreign workers on a temporary or permanent basis to fill jobs essential to the U.S. economy. These jobs include H-2A (agricultural) and H-2B (non agricultural). Certification may be obtained to bring foreign workers into the U.S. when it can be demonstrated that there are insufficient qualified U.S. workers available and willing to perform the work. Foreign labor certification programs are designed to ensure that the admission of foreign workers into the United States will not adversely affect the job opportunities, wages and working conditions of U.S. Workers.

As we conduct placement activities, the New York State Department of Labor acts strictly as a portal for prospective employees and businesses.

The department does not represent or guarantee that any information supplied by either employees or businesses is truthful, accurate or reliable.

Nor does the department screen or independently investigate prospective employees and businesses. We simply match an applicant’s self-stated qualifications to those prescribed by a business.

The department is not responsible for any employment decisions made by prospective employees or businesses, for whatever reason they might be made.

New York State Law may limit the types of disclosures the department can make about a prospective employee. It is up to you to screen a prospective employee’s qualifications and background in a prudent manner to ensure that your workplace needs are met.

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