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June 18, 2019

Apprenticeship Expansion Grant RFA - (NYSDOL)

Apprenticeship Expansion Grant Bid #AEG-2 Fact Sheet

Apprenticeship Expansion Grant RFA Priority Industries by Region

AEG-2 RFA Questions and Answers

The New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) is making up to $1.1 million in funding available under the Apprenticeship Expansion Grant (AEG-2) Request for Applications (RFA). The purpose of this RFA is to expand Registered Apprenticeship (RA) training by increasing employment opportunities for approximately 800 apprentices with a focus on underrepresented populations. These apprentices will enter into trades in high-demand occupations, with a focus on the emerging fields of Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Information Technology, as well as other in-demand occupations. This funding will cover costs associated with the provision of training apprentices through RA, such as Related Instruction (RI), On-the-Job Training (OJT), books, and tools.

Yes March 26, 2021

May 8, 2019

Existing Employee Training Program RFA

Unemployed/Underemployed Worker Training Program RFA

New Hire Training Program

Comparison Chart of the Programs

CFA WDI Webinars

CFA Workforce Development Initiatives Questions and Answers (Q & As)

NYSDOL CFA Workforce Development Initiatives includes the Request for Applications (RFAs) provided above. Particularly, note the Grants Gateway System requirements, and submissions through the CFA portal written in the RFAs to ensure timely submission of the proposals.

Under the CFA WDI, the application process will take place in two (2) phases. During Phase One, interested Applicants will submit a general project plan to the Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) in their region, which will be reviewed by the REDC Workforce Development Committee. The REDC Workforce Development committee will make recommendations to the REDC’s Executive Committee, who will decide which applications advance to Phase Two. Additional information about the WDI process and the Phase One application is available at Workforce Development Initiative.

Note, during WDI Phase One, only the project plan questions will be available in the CFA portal. This does not include the Minimum Threshold Requirement, Program Design, and Budget questions specific to the New York State Department of Labor’s (NYSDOL) Requests for Application (RFA).

Applicants that advance to Phase Two will be notified by the Office of Workforce Development and granted access to the appropriate WDI program questions to complete and submit. These Phase Two questions address the specific requirements of all RFAs for which the applicant is eligible to apply, including NYSDOL’s EET, NHT and UWT programs.

For further information regarding Phases One and Two of the Workforce Development Initiative Process, refer to Workforce Development Initiative Process.

Yes Phase One – April 30, 2020 and Phase Two – May 29, 2020

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Apprenticeship Funding Opportunities

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