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Department of Labor

WARN Details

Date of Notice: 5/21/2019

Event Number: 2018-0402

Rapid Response Specialist: Stuart Goldberg

Reason Stated for Filing: Plant Closing

Chelsea Park, LLC dba The Park
118 Tenth Avenue
New York, NY 10011

County: New York | WDB Name: NEW YORK CITY | Region: New York City

Contact: Courtney Garron, Director of Operations

Phone: (646) 616-5632

Business Type: Restaurant

Number Affected: 129

Total Employees: 129

Layoff Date: 8/25/2019

Closing Date: 8/25/2019

Reason for Dislocation: Economic

FEIN NUM: 13-4093204

Union: The employees are not represented by a union.

Classification: Plant Closing


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