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About Us

We Are Your DOL, Transforming New York's World of Work

Our mission is to provide outstanding services to our customers - the workers and businesses that call New York home - as they seek to grow and thrive in our modern economy.

We help New Yorkers find the careers they will love by connecting them to new job opportunities, referring them to training opportunities that build their skills, and by ensuring they are paid the proper wage and have a safe working environment when they're on the job.

We support and help businesses grow by providing free human resources assistance, working with them to find the qualified workers they need to thrive, and keeping them informed about new incentives and tax credits that can help keep overhead low.

We educate immigrant workers, protect farm laborers and monitor conditions in high-risk industries.

We enforce the wage and hour law to make sure that every worker gets what they're owed.

We help New Yorkers who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own with Unemployment Insurance and do everything we can to get them back to a job they'll love as quickly as possible.

We are also New York's premier source for economic data, both current and historical.

We Are Your DOL.

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