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  • Unemployment Insurance Early Repayment Program

    The Unemployment Insurance Early Repayment program is designed to help those who have collected unemployment benefits to which they were not entitled (called an “overpayment”) and wish to avoid additional penalties that go into effect October 1, 2013.

    Beginning October 1, claimants who knowingly collected overpaid benefits will not only have to pay the overpayment back and be assessed forfeit days against future UI claims, but also be charged a 15% monetary penalty on the overpayment or $100, whichever is higher.

    The Labor Department will also have the authority to collect overpaid benefits by entering a judgment with the claimant’s local courts, taking some part of the claimant’s wages, attaching their bank account, and taking any Federal or State tax refunds.  This is in addition to criminal penalties available under the law. 

    How It Works

    Claimants should download and fill out the Unemployment Insurance Early Repayment Application.
    Applications must be postmarked BEFORE SEPTEMBER 20
    and mailed to:

    UI Early Repayment Program
    Building 12, State Campus
    PO Box 15127
    Albany, NY 12212

    Submitting this application may help you avoid the 15% mandatory penalty that will be applied to overpayments identified and/or determined after October 1, 2013. The Department of Labor will also reduce the loss of future benefits penalty from eight (8) days for each false certification to four (4) days, and we will not refer your overpayment to law enforcement for criminal investigation.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: Will I still lose days on future claims?

    A: You will lose four (4) days of future benefits for every week you were overpaid.

    Q: How will the repayment plan be structured?

    A: Claimants will have 12 months to repay the fraudulently received benefits.

    Q: What if I don’t make all the payments in 12 months?

    A: If you don’t complete paying back your debt in 12 months, the Department will issue a new determination of your debt, adding in the 15% fee to the original debt, and increasing the days of future benefits you will forfeit.

    Q: What if I have already received an overpayment determination?

    A: If you have already received an overpayment determination and a penalty, you cannot apply to this program to reduce your overpayment or penalty. If you received a final determination of fraud, but want to report other overpayments, you should complete the application for early repayment.

    Q: What if I need help calculating the overpayment?

    A: You should prepare as much of the application as possible and mail it in. An investigator will get in touch with you to help complete the application and determine the proper amount you must repay.

    Q: Do I have to repay the gross amount, even if I had taxes taken out of my payments?

    A: Yes. You are responsible for repaying the total amount, even the money you had us withhold and we sent to the tax departments for you.

    Q: Is there a monetary penalty if I complete the application?

    A: No, if your application is received in time and is accepted, the only penalty is the loss of 4 days of future unemployment insurance benefits for each week you concealed important facts from the Department of Labor.

    Q: Could I be criminally charged for filling out this form?

    A: The Department of Labor will not refer these matters to law enforcement for criminal investigation. If you are not truthful on the application, you could be criminally charged for filing a false application.

    If you have additional questions, please call: 1-888-598-2077.

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