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Skills Identification

This exercise will help you identify many of your skills. First, list your past work positions and the responsibilities for each. Identify the skills used to accomplish your responsibilities. Then list past or present non-paid activities, such as volunteer work, internships, hobbies, and homemaking experience. Identify the responsibilities you had or the steps you took to accomplish these tasks.
A. Past Work Positions
Position Responsibilities Skills
Receptionist Answer phones,Clerical work Organizational,
Typing, Editing
Real Estate
Supervise real estate salespeople. Oversee business transaction in sale of property Self-starter
My Past Work Positions
Position Responsibilities Skills
B. Other Activities (volunteer work, internships, hobbies, etc)
Activity Responsibilities Skills
Club Treasurer Fundraising, Balance books Organizational,
Math Skills
Your Other Activities
Activity Responsibilities Skills

If you're considering changing your occupation, you will want to research your options. Here are several ways to learn more about the occupations in which you might be interested:

Identify people working on those careers and talk with them.

Look up information about those careers. Career books can be found at the
Department of Labor, local libraries, college career centers and vocational/technical school libraries.

Write to professional associations for more information.

Visit work sites.

Find related part-time or volunteer experience.

Gather the following information for each occupation you research.

Occupation title
1. Brief description
2. Education/Training required
3. Skills required
4. Salary Potential
5. Typical working hours
6. Tools/Materials/Machines used
7. Work environment
8. Career ladder
9. Related occupations
10. Where to get more information

(Make copies of this sheet and fill out one sheet for each occupation that interests you.)

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