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Labor Statistics for the New York City Region Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens and Richmond Counties

Private sector employment in New York City rose by 93,900, or 2.7 percent, to 3,626,700 for the 12-month period ending April 2015.  Jobs grew in educational and health services (+23,600), professional and business services (+23,200), trade, transportation, and utilities (+14,000), leisure and hospitality (+12,700), financial activities (+9,800), other services (+5,300), information (+3,800), and construction (+2,700).  Manufacturing (-1,200) was the only sector to lose jobs.  Government employment rose by 2,700.

New York City’s private sector job count rose by 19,300 between March and April (not seasonally adjusted), which was a slightly larger than usual gain. As the weather returned to a more normal seasonal pattern in April, construction employment jumped with an increase of 4,200 jobs, the highest ever March-to-April change. As had been the case over the past several months, computer systems design & services and the advertising services categories within the professional and business services sector exhibited strong growth, taking the job count to new record-highs of 67,600 and 71,800 respectively.

The City’s over-the-year picture was positive, with every sector except manufacturing adding jobs for the 12 months through April 2015.  The city’s over-the-year private sector growth rate (+2.7 percent) was above comparable rates at the state (+1.7 percent) and national (+2.6 percent) levels.

The city’s seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate was 6.5 percent in April 2015, down 0.1 percentage points from March and 1.1 percentage points compared to a year ago. New York State’s rate was 5.7 percent in April 2015. The share of the city's working-age population (16+) who were employed was 57.3 percent in April 2015, the highest on record. 



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