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Information Technology

We use technology to improve the operation of the Department of Labor (NYSDOL). We will discuss the technology policies, plans, and projects.

Our Technology Strategy Focuses on These Themes:

Customer Focused
We want to help people accomplish their goals. We use technology to deliver services to the public.
Technology is expensive and time to market is very long. Joint ventures save both time and money. At Labor, we look for opportunities to work with other organizations to reduce the total cost of government. We work with others to serve the public good.
Service Oriented.
We create computer applications from small, stand-alone programs. These "composite applications" are flexible and help us respond to changes in the labor economy and work force needs. Service orientation is technology that helps us to deliver the best possible service to citizens.
The staff who report to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) harness technology to improve service to our customers - the citizens of New York State and our peers in government. We have created self-service applications on the Internet to give people round-the-clock access to the Department of Labor (NYSDOL) programs and functions. To reach our goal, we chose Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) because it helps technology respond quickly and effectively when there are changes in government laws, policies and procedures.

We collaborate:

  • To improve self-service options for New York State citizens and organizations
  • To offer the best response to the changing needs of government
  • To find innovative ways to achieve these goals

Our partners include:

  • Local governments
  • Other state governments
  • Inter-state authorities
  • Federal agencies
  • Private not-for-profit corporations
  • Employers
  • Agents of employers
  • Commercial interests

This collaboration takes many forms. Here are some practical options made possible by our SOA infrastructure.

We Share Services

A service is a self-contained and reusable computer program that we can share with permission. It automates a function that performs a certain specific task. This way the program only has to be written once, and we can make it available to all systems that need it. A primary benefit of SOA is that we can share services we have created with other agencies or private entities that do the same tasks.

How to Use a Department of Labor Service.

Websphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR)

This site contains:

  • The Web Service Description Language (WSDL) that describes the service interface (i.e. the attributes you provide the service and the attributes the service gives back to you)
  • The service specification (a more detailed and English-language based description of the service)
  • A potential Service Level Agreement

The WSRR Registration Process

If your organization decides to use a Labor Department service, send an email request to to register as a Labor Department service partner.

WSRR Registered Login

If you're already a Labor Department service partner, use the link below to login to the Labor Department's service registry and repository (WSRR).

Login to NYSDOL's WSRR

Sharing Infrastructure

Our SOA infrastructure contains several components that allow us to design, develop and support services through their lifecycle. Certain features of this infrastructure can be modularized and partitioned to share with business partners:

  • Service mediation and routing through an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Publishing and finding (discovering) services
  • Securing services and composite applications through a powerful security gateway

Please review the following document for details on potential SOA infrastructure sharing opportunities with the NYSDOL.

Share Our SOA Infrastructure

Reference Architecture

When it serves the best interests of New York State citizens and organizations, we can share parts of the development and runtime infrastructure with other New York State agencies.

Enterprise reference architecture provides a framework or set of guidelines and practices for application development / a technology environment. The enterprise architecture for the labor Department is based on SOA. The document below is the basis for the design and construction of many composite applications in multiple business domains within the department.

Organizations that may wish to collaborate with us may use this document to better understand the design of our SOA and how we have implemented it. This document defines the different layers Labor Department's SOA solution, highlighting each layer's physical and logical aspects. This includes:

  • The architectural building blocks (ABBs)
  • Relations between ABBs and layers
  • Interaction patterns
  • Architectural design decisions
  • Technology
  • Product selections

NYSDOL's Reference Architecture

For details regarding any sharing of NYSDOL SOA services or infrastructure, please contact us at this email address:

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