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Consolidated Funding Application

New York State Department of Labor identified a number of workforce need areas as part of its Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act 2016-2019 Combined State Plan . Through the issuance of Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) Request for Proposals (RFPs) the State continues the work toward its 2019 vision of a unified workforce development system that is regionally coordinated and programmatically seamless, delivering workforce training, business services, and statewide job linkages to all New Yorkers.


CFA 6.0 (Submission Deadline: July 29, 2016)


NYSDOL CFA 6.0 includes the amended Request for Proposals (RFPs) provided below. Particulary, note the RFP timetable, Grants Gateway System requirements, and submissions through the CFA protal written in the RFPs to ensure timely submission of the proposals.

Check Questions and Answers  that are also part of the CFA 6.0 RFPs.

Please write to for questions regarding the RFPs. See the pre-recorded webinars and a comparison chart of the programs for the summary of the RFPs.

RFP Required Attachments

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