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Recruitment Services

Place a Job Order

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a new business making your first hire, you will find the qualified candidates you need from our extensive talent pool.

Businesses can register with the New York State Job Bank to post, manage and edit jobs; and access our resume database, all at no cost. The NYS Job Bank maintains an archive of all posted and expired jobs for reposting and reporting purposes.

Ways to Post Your Jobs

  • Post your jobs on the New York State Job Bank. This free service allows you to manage your job orders throughout the recruitment process.
  • Contact us for assistance.
  • Post your jobs automatically using our indexing service.

Meeting Your Job Posting Compliance Needs

When you post a job on the NYS Job Bank we can provide you with documentation to verify the posting for your Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) needs. Whether your jobs automatically download to the NYS Job Bank from your company website through ‘indexing’ or you post them individually, this service will provide you with the documentation you need at no cost. For more information or to request documentation please contact the NYS Job Bank at

Learn more about placing a job order.

Search Resumes

You can search our resume bank by:

  • Job Category
  • Location
  • Keyword
  • Education
  • Wage

Registered businesses gain access to our talent bank at no cost.

Custom Recruitments and Job Fairs

We offer on-site recruitment services and job fairs to businesses and job seekers. We can also hold these events at our New York State Career Centers.

Universe.Jobs – Create a free profile to connect with candidates. With your profile, you can:

  • Network
  • Post on forums
  • Create videos and blog posts
  • Search member profiles for passive and active candidates
  • Post your upcoming events

SMART Technology

Get access to the latest in job matching technology! Businesses have used this tool with great success. Now your business can use this technology for free with New York's SMART! Contact your local New York State Career Center for details.

Federal Bonding Program

The Federal Bonding Program provides fidelity bond insurance coverage for businesses that hire high-risk jobseekers. This includes:

  • Ex-offenders
  • People with poor credit
  • Persons who lack a work history
  • Veterans with a dishonorable discharge
  • People with addictions in recovery
  • Economically disadvantaged youth

Foreign Labor Certification

The foreign labor certification program permits U.S. employers to hire foreign workers on a temporary or permanent basis to fill jobs essential to the U.S. economy. These jobs include H-2A (agricultural) and H-2B (non agricultural). Certification may be obtained to bring foreign workers into the U.S. when it can be demonstrated that there are insufficient qualified U.S. workers available and willing to perform the work. Foreign labor certification programs are designed to ensure that the admission of foreign workers into the United States will not adversely affect the job opportunities, wages and working conditions of U.S. Workers.


The H-2A temporary agricultural program establishes a means for agricultural employers who anticipate a shortage of domestic workers to bring nonimmigrant foreign workers to the U.S. to perform agricultural labor or services of a temporary or seasonal nature. Employment is of a seasonal nature where it is tied to a certain time of year by an event or pattern, such as a short annual growing cycle or a specific aspect of a longer cycle, and requires labor levels far above those necessary for ongoing operations. Employment is of a temporary nature where the employer's need to fill the position with a temporary worker will, except in extraordinary circumstances, last no longer than 1 year.

New York State's Role - The employer must prepare a job offer using ETA Form 790 no more than 75 days and no fewer than 60 days prior to the employer's date of need. The job order should include the NYS Standardized attachments Attachments to ETA790 and must be either emailed to or mailed to the following address:

Foreign Labor Certification Unit-H-2A
State Office Campus
Building 12, Room 570
Albany, NY 12240

The job order must be identified as one that will be used in connection with a future Application for Temporary Employment Certification (ETA Form 9142). The job offer must meet the terms and conditions of 20 CFR 653.501 and 20 CFR 655.135. After the job order is received, accepted and entered into the job bank by the New York State Department of Labor staff, the employer will receive confirmation.


The NYS Department of Labor's role is to assist New York employers by processing job orders for H-2B workers. The H-2B non-immigrant program permits employers to hire foreign workers to come temporarily to the U.S. and perform temporary nonagricultural services or labor on a one-time, seasonal, peak load or intermittent basis. Prior to filing the job order with the New York State Department of Labor, the employer must obtain a prevailing wage rate by applying directly to the USDOL Prevailing Wage and Helpdesk Center using ETA Form 9141. Instructions for using this form appear on the U.S. Department of Labor web site. Job orders for this program must be identified clearly as an H-2B job order and should be filed no more than 120 days before the employer's date of need. Use the ES515 New York State Job Order Form and either e-mail to or fax to (518) 485-1359. For details on the H-2B program, go to

Contact Information

Find details at or contact the USDOL Chicago National Processing Center at (312) 886-8000.

For questions about New York State's role in the Foreign Labor program, call (518) 457-7304.

As we conduct placement activities, the New York State Department of Labor acts strictly as a portal for prospective employees and businesses.

The department does not represent or guarantee that any information supplied by either employees or businesses is truthful, accurate or reliable.

Nor does the department screen or independently investigate prospective employees and businesses. We simply match an applicant’s self-stated qualifications to those prescribed by a business.

The department is not responsible for any employment decisions made by prospective employees or businesses, for whatever reason they might be made.

New York State Law may limit the types of disclosures the department can make about a prospective employee. It is up to you to screen a prospective employee’s qualifications and background in a prudent manner to ensure that your workplace needs are met.

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